my philosophy

First, what is nutritional therapy, anyway? 

Nutritional therapy is an inclusive holistic approach that thoughtfully considers physical, emotional and spiritual connections to food, focusing on your individualistic needs. 

You - as a living, breathing, functioning human being - are worlds different than your best friend, partner, or the stranger on the bus. Your body metabolizes uniquely, your immune system functions dissimilarly and your energy is processed in a much different way than theirs (even if you sleep, eat, exercise the exact same way!).

Through nutritional therapy, we recognize those distinct differences and take action accordingly. There is truly no one-fits-all approach to nutrition

I believe in a few principles when it comes to my practice...


     It's all about balance, baby. There's a delicate teeter-totter between a juice cleanse and a donut binge; between deprivation and gluttony. But when we find that sweet spot, we savor it!


So, let's throw the calorie counting, guilt-ridden "cheats" and labels out the door. Instead, we're going to tap into your body's needs. When was the last time you asked yourself - and, more importantly, really listened - what it was that you craved?

The answer you're searching for is already inside of you.


     Not only with yourself (though, believe me, we're gonna get real with those cravings + desires), but with your food. Where does it come from? Was it grown/raised/harvested sustainably + humanely? Who put in the hard work to sow the seeds, care for the animal, bring it to your table? Does it nourish you - mind, body, soul - or does it lack the energy you need to live truly, authentically, honestly

Werk it

Last, but not least - it's oh so important to recognize that wellness doesn't just fall into your lap. There is no tea that will make you wake up a new person or a cookie cutter approach that will work for you long term. Around here, we roll up our sleeves and do the work. It can be frustrating, take a long time, and maybe even include some trial and error. But we will find what works for you, make the necessary changes and you will be a better person for it.

Get ready to dig in!