February 1, 2017


Hey there! 


Welcome to the Gathering Table, the blog here at GatheringWellness.com. My heart is filled with gratitude that you took a moment to stop by and see what this space is all about! 


My journey in wellness dates back to my preteen days when the enthusiasm to become a runner drove me to spend each summer attempting to run. I had always been an active child, spending all seasons playing outside in my big yard in Wisconsin and participating in many sports. But running challenged me like nothing else had before. And no matter how hard it was, or how slow my feet shuffled down the sidewalk, I persevered and finally found my rhythm. 


By 16 years old I dipped my toes even deeper into the wellness world by attaining my first gym membership, taking yoga classes and becoming a vegetarian. The connection between exercise and nutrition was never something that crossed my mind until that point. But becoming a vegetarian opened my eyes to how food could become a fuel, especially on those runs that I so enjoyed! 


I have to admit that I wasn't the healthiest vegetarian. I ate a lot of processed soy replacement products - vegan cream cheese on my bagels, Tofurkey during the holidays, soy milk lattes. I don't remember eating a lot of vegetables (but I also can't recall ever despising them). I counted marinara sauce with pasta and salsa with tortilla chips as a serving of veggies (hint: those don't count!). However, it taught me various ways of cooking and finding out, through my own research, how to take care of myself as best as I could because of this newfound way of life. 


Though it wasn't necessarily the correct way to eat, I am truly grateful for those 6 years of vegetarianism because it really did impart a sense of how to nourish my body and fuel my workouts with a different way of eating. 


In my early 20s, after being seriously ill put me out of commission for a few weeks, the only thing I could think of was eating meat - I even dreamed about it! After initially pushing those cravings away, I finally warmed up to the knowledge that my intuition was actually telling me I needed the nutrients meat offered, especially as my body recovered. It was the first introduction I had to intuitive eating - something that I believe each of us has within ourselves. (The trick is to listen!)


Over years following, I spent hours upon hours studying other topics of nutrition, including various healing diets, sports nutrition, and more - it all piqued my interest. Nutrition was beginning to saturate my life.

The time at which I knew I was ready to share what I'd learned and pursue a formal education in nutrition was after a few stints with disordered eating. Because of the struggle I experienced finding a proper balance in my eating habits, when I finally felt like I had a grip on things it only felt right to share that with others in hopes of inspiring them to become a more balanced + happier version of themselves, as I had done for myself! Additionally, I had gone through many occurrences of (sometimes debilitating) stomach pains and ongoing issues of discomfort after almost every single meal. It was only after completely changing my diet to one based in whole foods sans gluten + with little dairy, healing my gut, and creating a practice of self care (or as I like to refer to it, self love) did I finally feel like I had come full circle. 


Today, I am a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, fueling my days with not just nutritious foods, but with invigorating workouts + soothing self love rituals. I find energy in reading books about the universe of our active guts - the core of many functions of the body, science is now discovering - and in embracing nature's organic patterns of the moon, womanhood and life. I find solace in sweet snuggles with my loving pup + amazing boyfriend, and in slow mornings with a steaming cup of bone broth in my hands. 


I am inspired by today's movement of living well in health, movement and community. This is why the mantra around here is what it is:

nourish your body ~ feed your soul ~ find your inner glow

..which breaks down to eating right and finding the best movement for your body + lifestyle; creating a self care practice that supports your wellness journey, including both a personal practice + engaging in community around you; and tapping into your intuition so you can stay in tune with what serves you best to unveil the glow inside of you!


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the Gathering Table. I hope this space will inspire you and help you become the best version of yourself! If you're looking to dig deeper into your nutrition + self love journey, I'd love to explore how we can work together. And, always, if you have any questions, comments or just want to say "hi" please don't hesitate to email me at emily@gatheringwellness.com



With gratitude,






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