2018: the year of savoring self awakening + growth

January 10, 2018


You know when you take a full-on pause, ignoring your phone, social media, general responsibilities in life? Sometimes its 100% necessary, and I had the fortunate opportunity to do just this recently. As some of you may know, my fiancé and I packed up all of our belongings, sold those that didn't fit inside our small SUV, and took off towards the West in mid-December. We had spent the past four years of our life in Washington, DC, focusing time and energy on his wonderful business. But as time moved on and our priorities became more defined, it was clear that it was time to move back home - and for us, this meant Denver, CO. 


While he grew up in Colorado, I have spent my life moving from place to place after growing up outside Milwaukee, WI, and graduating from high school in Arizona's high desert. I've sunbathed in Hawaii, jogged through frozen parks in Sweden, hiked my way through Arizona's mountain landscape, and finally found the home I'd been looking for when I moved to Denver 6 years ago. When we had the opportunity to take advantage of living in our nation's capitol, it was a no-brainer. But four years away from the mountains, some of our closest friends + family, and the Colorado lifestyle was enough to make us crave finally coming home. 


So, we've spent the past three weeks adjusting to our new-ish home again, settling into work + routines, and spending quality time with the friends + family we had missed from the East coast. In the midst of all this while taking my digital detox, I've slowed down time with clients, completed a much anticipated training to lead women's circles focused on setting intentions + goals in line with the natural cycles of the moon, began training with an amazing business as a holistic aesthetician (a profession I've practiced for the past 10 years), and sat back to explore what direction it is I would like to authentically move Gathering Wellness towards as a business + passion project.


With the support of you, family + friends who kindly lend a listening heart, clients who allow me to greatly learn, and patience with my own self, I truly believe Gathering Wellness - including this blog you're reading from - will begin to expand, grow, and, with true authenticity, move in the direction its called in 2018. I have not set goals based in "healthy eating" or "getting into shape" this year, but instead am looking to dive deep into self discovery + growth as it relates to both my own self and the core of Gathering Wellness. 


To me, this means understanding how I can best serve you as my client, workshop attendee, and even social media follower; and being really, really real through it all! The time for awakening + growth is now, and putting energy into this is way more important + long-lasting to me than any other mainstream New Year's resolution. So I'm continuing to journal to find my "word" for the year, and ask myself: where do I want to focus my energy, what do I want the world to understand about me, how do I want to show up?


If you're spending this first month of the new year doing a Whole30 reset, kicking booty at the gym, participating in a juice cleanse or focusing on another goal focusing on your outer self for the new year, great for you! But I challenge you to spend some time journaling today on this - think about the first thing that pops into your head when you ask yourself: 


How is your goal assisting you in being better?

A better friend, lover, daughter, mother, sister. 

You, but even better


If you cannot find the answer to this question, or the answer you come up with doesn't sit well with you, reconsider your goal or intention. Maybe instead come up with one that allows you to answer that question deeply, confidently + positively. Does this mean focusing your attention on one word that makes you feel grounded, powerful or inspired? If so, find what that word is to you - think on it, journal on it, talk on it - then take 10-15 minutes to dump out onto a blank page what's on your heart. Why does that word speak so strongly to you? How will it help you grow? Will it motivate you to be who you want to be by the time we reach December 31st, 2018?


Think on + consider these questions and this exercise. After all the change that's occurred this past year, and this past month for me, I'm going to spend time doing just that so I can jumpstart my way to creating the space here online, in person with my small groups + individual clients, and in my personal relationships that will lead me through an awakened + strong growth year in 2018!


If you'd like to share your heart dump + intentions with me, I'd love to hear from you! Email me directly here or send me a message on social here





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