galavanting in new england

August 5, 2017

I've been super fortunate to travel to various parts of the world and the country, but besides a short weekend in Maine a couple years ago, I had yet to spend any time exploring the Northeastern parts of the US. So we set out on a 9-day journey through New England for an end of summer getaway, exploring the beautiful East coast. Since we drove, my fiancé and I were able to bring our sweet little pup, Jack (who you're likely familiar with if you follow me on Instagram), which was a real treat - along with a lot of great picnic accoutrements for the car rides or when we stopped at scenic spots along the way! 

We began in New York's Hudson Valley, next moving on to Vermont, Maine and finishing the trip in New Hampshire. Because we had such a great time, ate so much good food and enjoyed every minute of our galavanting, I knew I had to share the details of our stay for each area we explored!


We're not the traditional tourists - but instead look for the farmer's markets, keep active at nearby hiking spots, stay with locals and get recommendations from those who know the area well. We eat at restaurants along the way, but also cook with local fare to get to know the flavors of each region. In this sense, we typically eat healthier than the average traveler because we're eating fresh foods and oftentimes meals are simple. (That's not to say there weren't indulgences... hellooo nightly wine + s'mores!)


A couple highlights from our trip: 

  • Amazing farmer's markets

  • Fantastic food

  • Great cheese from local vendors!

  • Tons of time in nature

  • Spending an entire day or two reading

  • Meeting wonderful folks along the way

  • Awesome sleeping accommodations

  • Spending time near the sea

  • So. Much. Good. Food.

  • Nightly campfires

  • Eating those aforementioned s'mores

  • And of course, the best for last: We got ENGAGED!



That last trip highlight was certainly a reason why our vacation was so amazing! But even beyond getting engaged, this trip really tops my favorites list - and I can't wait to share everywhere we went, ate and stayed. Also, if you're looking for some road trip food inspiration, you can see what we brought here! We packed quite a bit because we were gone for a week and a half and ate 75% (or more!) of the time at our accommodations or in the car. We ended up eating almost all the food we brought, so it turned out to be a perfect amount.


Thinking of galavanting in New England, or maybe just want some inspiration for your next vacation? Check out the following posts I put together from our time in the Northeast: 


Hiking Hills in Hudson Valley

Bees + Booch near Burlington

Seaside Picnics in Portland

At Home with Nature in New Hampshire 


Have specific questions about any of the spots we visited? Don't hesitate to email me so we can chat. Happy travels! 




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