at home with nature in new hampshire

August 6, 2017

New Hampshire was never a place I had imagined spending a relaxing couple of days to cap off our road trip, mostly because I didn't know much about it. But it turned out to be a mini vacation from our vacation - and just what we needed.


Leaving Maine, we were stuffed from all the delicious food we ate + all the awesome wine we drank. But as soon as we rolled up to the tiny house we had booked in the woods near Northwood, New Hampshire, we knew it was just the place we would kick our feet up to focus on reading and relaxing (instead of all that eating!). The rental was booked through Getaway, which has a collection of tiny houses on what seems to be an old campsite. Each spot has it's own fire pit, picnic table and chairs outside, with a minimalist inside that's fit for a weekend of tech-free, nature-full rejuvenation.  


Though we spent the majority of our time inside reading (me), working a little (him) and sleeping a lot (pup), we did venture out to a couple places. Ever since we spent time in Woodstock I was dying to pick up a pair of Birkenstocks I tried on in a store there, but which didn't have my size. The color + style I was looking for must be extremely popular because I had called and checked into every single Birkenstock store throughout the entirety of our trip - no joke! Fate would have it, though, that we took a quick jaunt over to Concord - about 15 minutes away - to a store called Simply Birkenstock that just happened to have the color, style + size I was looking for. I was super excited, to say the least! 


Afterwards, we took a peek into the Concord Food Co-op where I felt just at home in my new Birks. ;) Though we didn't need any food at that point since we already were trying to use up what we had with us before heading homeward, the co-op had a great selection of foods and natural products. We didn't explore much more of Concord besides that, but the main drag seemed really cute! 


The next day we were seriously well rested and lounged almost all day. The weather was perfect and it even rained a bit, which felt so cozy in our tiny home. By the afternoon we decided it was time to grab some lunch so we drove over to a place called Umami in Northwood, about 10 minutes from our tiny house. Umami touts itself as a farm fresh cafe and has to-die-for burgers with inventive sauces. We split a salad and burger for one last vacation indulgence! The burger was fantastic and the sauce we got (though I cannot recall the name of it) was so tasty. 


That night was (you guessed it) more relaxing and then a picnic-style dinner as we snacked on whatever was left from our food stash. It was certainly the least eventful spot throughout the road trip, but it was just as great! We set our alarms for an early morning the next day and hopped into the car with so many fun memories.


I can't say we were quite as excited to go home to the bustling city as we should have been, but after we arrived home it felt nice to settle into our routine and enjoy the remaining days of the weekend before work starts again soon. Plus, all those memories will serve us well in our next big adventure - planning a wedding! - as we use sweet details from our trip to add to our big day to remember the traveling we enjoyed during the very beginning of our engagement! 


Heading somewhere soon? Let me know so we can swap details - I'd love to hear about your next adventure, too!



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