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June 27, 2017

A couple weeks ago I had a fantastic time leading a workshop on how to nourish your skin with the foods you eat. Before I pursued my nutrition education, I spent about 7 years treating clients' skin as an aesthetician, looking at the whole picture through holistic lenses. Diet and lifestyle are huge when it comes to the health of your skin - and now that summer is here to stay for the next couple months, what better time to find your glow?!

Your skin is the body's largest organ. It works hard to protect your muscles and bones, maintain hydration, and remove any harmful toxins that may be trapped within your body. Just as the rest of your organs optimally function when your diet is is tip-top shape, your skin reaps the benefits, too! So, I created three recipes to incorporate into your meals this season. From summer sippers to a simple salad that provide many of the nutrients your skin needs to be summer ready, these recipes are delicious and nutritious! 

Summer Skin E...

June 2, 2017

Lately I've been craving more plant-based foods - more vegetables, less dairy; more legumes, less meat. I don't necessarily move towards one "diet" or another. In fact, I tend to shun any sort of restriction for both myself and for my clients when it comes to what I put on my plate (unless its necessary, of course), and instead encourage listening to the body's needs and cravings to fuel up properly. 

Though I do eat high quality meats on a regular basis, my desire to remove the majority of animal protein comes as no surprise, as my once-vegetarian ways tend to come back in waves, alongside the change in seasons. With summer on the horizon, lighter meals have become my forte - salads of all kinds, lettuce wraps, smoothies, even some soups - that are filled with delicious veggies and refreshing fruits. 

These Nourish Bowls fit in perfectly with that craving! They can be composed of anything your little heart desires. The foundation can be starchy veg or warm...

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emily spaeth

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 As a nutrition therapist + holistic aesthetician, self love junkie + complete believer of balance, I fully understand the value of taking care of your self. 

I created this gathering space for you to find nutritional guidance + nourishing recipes, tips for self love + thoughts on healthy living. My genuine intention is that you will be able to unveil the life you've always held inside you - the one in which you've always known is there, but just haven't reached yet. 

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