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October 16, 2017

Our modern, on-the-go lives have the ability to add extra stress, tension, and a general imbalance when it comes to our health. Workload, social life, travel, and other commitments can be overwhelming, and at times may even create a physical imbalance that affects wellbeing. For me, about a year ago that stress manifested itself as debilitating anxiety that resulted in little sleep, feeling nauseous daily, and even panic attacks. Though I was really happy with my life as it was, I was putting a lot on my plate - school, work, relationships, and overall sharing more than I had to give. I quickly realized I needed to make changes in my lifestyle, and I needed to make those changes fast.

What began as feeling fearful and out of control on a daily basis, eventually turned into a journey of self-healing. To start, I improved my nutrition, removing sugar, coffee, alcohol and any other stimulants. I was in the last leg of my nutrition program and knew soon I would have to begin writing my diss...

September 24, 2017

A little over a year ago I began experiencing debilitating anxiety that made me feel out of control of my own body. It was accompanied by the occasional panic attack, which I had never experienced before in my life - and it was terrifying. It's difficult to explain the emotional feelings and physical sensations that the panic brings to someone who has never been an anxious person or known what a panic attack feels like. But, fortunately I have had an amazing support system (thanks, mom!), been introduced to invaluable tools, and was able to lean back on my nutrition education.

Anxiety is something I've been open with, but not loudly. Because of my personal connection to anxiety and the real struggles it's brought into my life, specifically in the past year, it's always a topic that's in the back of my mind. Anxiety is actually a quite normal reaction to stress - something many of us are familiar with. However, there's still a stigma around the topic that makes it scary - or w...

July 7, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a small leave of absence lately. Though I've still been sparsely around on Facebook, I felt it was time to limit the interaction I had specifically with Instagram because - and I know I'm not alone here - it had become quite addictive. 

I had a difficult time making the decision to leave the social media platform for a bit because as I venture out into the entrepreneurial world of wellness, I know how important a marketing tool Instagram can be (not to mention, FOMO!). But I also knew it was time for a break - I was tired of feeling attached to my phone just to check for messages or new post updates and I wanted to fully be present with my friends and family as we kicked off the summer with fun travel and important upcoming events. 

It's now been 3 1/2 weeks since I signed off of Instagram and, quite honestly, I haven't missed scrolling through the perfectly prepared food, wellness mavens + toned fitness "gurus" that fill the...

May 17, 2017

Gut health is one of my favorite subjects. Not only do I find the crazy and complex world of the bacterium that reside in our intestinal tract super mind-blowing, but as someone who has dealt with a totally imbalanced gut in the past, I feel like this microbiotic world holds some of the answers of my past ailments, including SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), inflammation, and - you guessed it - mood! 

Though it may not seem like an intuitive connection, there's a lot going on in the gut's microbiome (meaning the colony of bacteria that reside in the gut) that affect how we feel. I can really nerd out on this subject, but we're going to try to keep it simple and really just skim the surface so you can get a basic understanding for yourself how the foods you eat can affect the health of your microbiome and, in turn, your mood! 

Gut Anatomy 101

The gut, which technically extends from the esophagus to the anus (I know - there's no glamorous way t...

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 As a nutrition therapist + holistic aesthetician, self love junkie + complete believer of balance, I fully understand the value of taking care of your self. 

I created this gathering space for you to find nutritional guidance + nourishing recipes, tips for self love + thoughts on healthy living. My genuine intention is that you will be able to unveil the life you've always held inside you - the one in which you've always known is there, but just haven't reached yet. 

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