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February 28, 2018

After move #3 (within the past three months) went down last weekend, I've finally begun to feel settled, rooted, and ready to get back to all the things. With our new life back in Denver feeling more and more comfortable, routine is all I've been craving. And there really is no motivation to get back in the drivers seat, I'm finding, than getting ready to turn the big 3-0!

As this new decade looms ahead in just one day, I've been reflecting a ton on my twenties - and more specifically, the millions of lessons I learned (wooooo-eee, there were plenty)! I imagine your twenties are the year you get a jumpstart (or some may be more fond of saying "a swift kick in the behind") into learning who you are as a person. 

Though there are many, many things I work on to improve myself every single day, I'm pretty proud of who I've become as an adult. I've taken a lot of chances, found success in my endeavors, met and became engaged to the love of my life (+ we adopted our furry love, too!), c...

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emily spaeth

gathering wellness

 As a nutrition therapist + holistic aesthetician, self love junkie + complete believer of balance, I fully understand the value of taking care of your self. 

I created this gathering space for you to find nutritional guidance + nourishing recipes, tips for self love + thoughts on healthy living. My genuine intention is that you will be able to unveil the life you've always held inside you - the one in which you've always known is there, but just haven't reached yet. 

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