hi there!

        I'm Emily, a holistic nutritionist guiding overstimulated + overloaded modern women to realign with the roots of wellness to feel calm, inspired + healthy again! 

Probably much like you, I've spent a lot of my adult life...

        buzzing with stimulation from our go-go, modern society,

        neglecting to nourish my body while struggling to keep up with all the things,

        over-scheduling my calendar, while under-appreciating my self care,

        and failing to give myself the space to feed my soul.

More than once I found myself looking in the mirror at a tired, wired and totally tapped out modern gal who just wanted some sleep. However, once my head hit the pillow, my mind was racing - my body was literally buzzing with anxiety, and I felt completely out of balanceI knew something needed to change. 

Slowly but surely, I revamped my diet to be less stimulating, more nourishing. I allowed myself a clear, safe space to do what my soul was yearning for: meditation, soul talks, journaling, yoga, and a more open schedule for creativity. And I asked for help, which was the most challenging part, but simultaneously the most rewarding. 

I continue to work on my self health every single day. Sometimes that means through meditation, reaching out to a dear friend + sipping on healing bone broth; other times through a challenging workout, singing my lungs out to my favorite country song or giant forkfuls of tangy, stanky kraut. Everyday, though, I strive to become a better, more calm + intentional person than the day before for my relationships, my family, my work and the rest of the world. 

and i want to help you do the same

This site is a gathering space where you will find nutritional guidance + nourishing recipes, tips for self love + thoughts on healthy living. My genuine intention is that you will be able to unveil the life you've always held inside you - the one in which you've always known is there, but just haven't reached yet. Sound like something you're striving for? Let's work together to create the most healthy + deliciously vibrant life for you! 

I am aiming to broaden the resources available to you here on Gathering Wellness, so don't forget to sign up for the newsletter for updates on fun additions (think guided meditations, inspired interviews, nutritional guides + more!). In the meantime, if you're interested in learning more about my story, read here for a quick excerpt and keep an eye out for more personal narratives on the Gathering Table!

Questions? Comments? Shoot me a note here!

With gratitude,

Proud member of the 

National Association
of Nutrition Professionals

and graduate of the
Nutrition Therapy Institute!

nourish your body ~ feed your soul ~ find your inner glow